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West Point Bay Area ties to the voice over and voice acting industry

When you think of the voice-over industry do you think of either West Point or the San Francisco Bay area? Many are not aware of is the long history that West Point and the Bay Area in particular have regarding the voice-over industry. One of the names that many think of in the West Point world of voice over is Lloyd Walker, with almost a decade in the world of voice-over art. Lloyd is not alone among West Point alumni in this field, and yet his work is something worthy of noting. The Bay Area has produced top voice-over artists for many years. More than just voice talent, San Francisco also provides locations and agencies for people who are looking to train their voices, or take voice-over classes, or even produce demo’s for their existing voice over work.

When we depart the San Francisco area, one of the top names that comes to mind nationally is the female voice actor Kim Handysides. Her work on E-learning voice-over in particular is nationally renowned.

Another name that jumps to mind for many who cover the voice-over industry is J. Michael Collins. In particular when it comes to voice coaching, as well as demo production, J. Michael is in a league almost all his own. We recommend him to anyone who has enough experience to warrant investing in top quality support.

Another female voice actor that we hear about frequently at the national level is Jodi Krangle. Jodi’s work as a female voice actor is regarded by many as one of the greatest in the industry. She also has a reputation as a teacher and mentor to those who are aspiring to build out their own careers.

Last, and certainly not least, Laura schreiber is the thought leader when it comes to millennial voice over. When considering that pocket of the voice-over industry, we recommend you take a look at some of her content. She is also renowned for her work in the government voiceover arena as well. Laura’s work in these two areas is both impressive and worth putting on your radar for future work as well.