Local Links

WPSSFBA Jobs Board - LinkedIn based jobs board for posting and sharing job opportunities with members.

Oakland Military Institute - Oakland based preparatory high school focused on providing a better option for Oakland youth and with whom the society has a long standing relationship with.

West Point Society of Silicon Valley - Fellow society for those who live on the peninsula.

Marines' Memorial Club & Hotel - A "living memorial" and frequent host of great events that members may be interested in attending.

west Point

United States Military Academy
West Point Association of Graduates

Non-Profits & Others

Team Red, White & Blue (RWB) - Team RWB is transforming the way that America supports its veterans when they return from combat.  We are creating communities of veterans, their families, and American citizens that enjoy authentic interaction through physical and social activities and events all across the country.

iSABRD - The official business-to-business networking resource for alumni of the Service Academy Alumni Organizations.